Facebook Website Custom Audiences

By Glen Andrews | Facebook Ads

In the video below, I'll show you how to set up Facebook website custom audiences using the Facebook pixel.

I've been doing a lot of ad audits lately, and it's clear, people don't really understand the true power of the Facebook pixel and how to use it effectively to target specific audiences based on specific page visits.

This is also called interest based targeting.

So, I've decided to walk you through how to set up Facebook website custom audiences for the sole purpose of increasing leads and sales.

Here's why this is important...

If someone visits a page on your website pertaining to a specific product, service, or blog post, you can target them with an ad that is specific to that product, service, or blog post.

Example. Let's say I have an ecommerce store offering shoes, shirts, and handbags. And let's say I get 5000 monthly visitors to my ecommerce store.

If I want to increase shoe sales, I could create a special offer and place it directly in front of ONLY the people who visited shoe pages on my website.

The power of creating Facebook website custom audiences is you can advertise to your website visitors based on their SPECIFIC interests..

 Powerful. Right?

The only thing you need to do to make this happen is to set up Facebook website custom audiences and the Facebook pixel

Watch this video for the step by step details...


About the Author

Glen Andrews is a Certified Google and Facebook Advertiser. Glen helps coaches and online experts create highly EFFECTIVE advertising and data-driven sales funnels that deliver leads, clients, and sales into their business EVERY SINGLE DAY.