Facebook Ad Targeting

By Glen Andrews | Facebook Ads

The best way to test your Facebook ad targeting is to place each interest into a seperate ad set. This way you can see EXACTLY which "interests" are performing best.

Then you can turn up the winners and turn off the losers.

When I first started running Facebook ads I did what most people do. I lumped all my interests, locations, and demographics (targeting) into ONE ad set and let 'er rip.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that you can lump them all together and let Facebook figure it out. However, by lumping all your interests and targeting together, you can't see EXACTLY where your leads, clients, and sales are coming from.

Ready to get serious about Facebook ad targeting? 

Watch the video below and see how to test to find your IDEAL interests on Facebook.

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About the Author

Glen Andrews is a Certified Google and Facebook Advertiser. Glen helps coaches and online experts create highly EFFECTIVE advertising and data-driven sales funnels that deliver leads, clients, and sales into their business EVERY SINGLE DAY.